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Hands-on "French Macaron" lesson where you'll learn all the tiny details to make a great macaron shell, how to pipe it correctly and how to make a ganache to fill it with. We'll share with you all our tricks so you can succesfully do them at home.

Class will start with a demo where our pastry chef Valeria will demostrate all recipes step by step. Each participant will have a printed copy of the recipes and we highly encourage you to take notes during class. All ingredients will be weighed in advance and each student will have it's own equipment to work with individually.

It is an interactive class where participants are welcomed to ask questions and be proactively involved. You are welcomed to BYOB to class.

French Macarons - Sunday, April 21st at 4PM

Only 4 left in stock
  • Sunday, April 21st at 4:00PM EST

    This group lessons are offered at Valosh Pâtisserie, located on 23 E High St Elizabethtown PA. (Parking in Rear)

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